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Lyllia Collier
Apr 14, 2021
In Open Dialog
This is where you can all talk to each other. If you've been following me for a while, you know I tend to go MIA when my mental health gets a little hard to handle. Sometimes you need a place to let it out and just hear somebody else's opinion. This is that place. Come ask questions and get answers. Talk about the things you're scared to say in real life because you're worried someone might judge you. News flash baby, somebody else's opinion of you is none of your business and doesn't matter. So what if that one girl/guy called you ugly, or somebody said you look fat. They literally don't matter. Let them be miserable all by their little lonesome. You're a bad bitch, and bad bitches don't let the opinions of sheep bring them down. Girl, gay, they, whatever you feel inclined to identify as, this is a safe space, you're welcome here. Matter of fact, I want you here. Now go, be free. Just do me a favor, no planning war crimes or general destruction of property, refrain from using profanity when you can, and BE NICE TO EACHOTHER! KINDNESS IS FREE!

Lyllia Collier

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