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Self-Love Babies

There is no doubt in my mind that self-love is the hardest form of love. Before I get into that I want to let you all know my feelings about love as a whole. There is a statement, 'You like because, and you love despite.' Now let me explain, 'you like because' meaning like is characterized by the good. The kindness, compassion, looks, etc. whatever it may be that you 'like' about them. Now the latter, 'you love despite' meaning that you love somebody even when you don't like them. Allow me to give you an example.

Like: these explain themselves

*kind *smart *funny *attractive *driven *caring

Love: but let me explain it

*cocky: I love them despite their cockiness because in that I can see that they like themselves.

*stubborn: I love them despite how stubborn they are, because in that I know they're sure of what they believe.

*spontaneity: Sometimes it's a random stop into my job to kiss me, and sometimes it's a call from across the country saying they're gone for a while. I love them despite how empty they can make me feel, because in that I know that they're independent, they won't need me. It makes it all feel easier in case one day I break."

Love can break you, but it can also liberate you. Let's talk about self-love, make a list with me.

Like: Reasons I Like Myself

*funny: even if nobody else thinks so

*independent: I like company, but I don't rely on it

*smart: even when I lack common sense

Love: Reasons I Love Myself, But Let Me Explain It

*stretch marks: I love myself despite my stretch marks because they show me how capable I am of growth.

*scars (SH/acne/accidents): I love myself despite my scars because they remind me of everything I survived, and they remind me that time heals most things.

*anxiety: Anxiety keeps me safe, and even when it's wildly unnecessary it gives me a reason to think twice.

It's a million times harder to find the reasons you love yourself than it is with others. That's because we know ourselves the best. Nobody can explain us the way we can, our thoughts, feelings, emotions, it's all ours. People can understand you sure but they never see the deepest parts. There are demons that we all hide and there's no shame in keeping them a secret. I challenge all my babes who may read this to truly make a list of the things you love about yourself. Not only the negatives we must fight to love but the positives that allow love to come easy.

I love you, even if you're not ready to love yourself.

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