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Down There Hair Hacks

I said I would put everything in one place, and here it is.

There were about a million things I could have said regarding down there and what you should do but 1) I'm too lazy to give a million tips, and 2) just about none of you would have read them all.

Anyways, here are my top 5 tips for what I feel are the top 5 most important hair (removal) related topics. As you can see, clearly the big one is EXFOLIATE. You can't glow and have super soft skin if you don't slough off the dead stuff. Yes, the top layer of your skin is dead, it's normal. You can't just let it sit on top of you though, with having dead skin that isn't exfoliated off, you not only increase your likelihood for ingrowns, but you reduce how supple your skin could be. Basically, your kitty could be doing significantly better if you actually cared about her. Treat your vagina better than your face.

Anyways, as many of you know each one of these tips was posted on TikTok over this past week. There were a lot of questions I wasn't necessarily expecting, mainly those related to products. I posted a final product inclusive TikTok announcing the giveaway, but some of those products were a little expensive. So now I offer you a list of more products at a little bit of a lower price point.


Exfoliate: all exfoliation is EXTERNAL ONLY, it doesn't go up there, that's a UTI waiting to happen

*fur silk scrub- $48

*good molecule pineapple exfoliating powder- $16

*tree hut scrubs-$8.99 (sugar scrubs are okay but make sure you rinse really well)

*good molecules overnight exfoliating treatment- $6 (recommend mixing with the ordinary alpha

arbutin listed below in moisturize)

*baking soda + water- for all my DIY babies

Moisturize: all moisturizers listed are EXTERNAL ONLY, no suppositories listed

*fur stubble cream- $38

*flamingo mons mist- $12

*the honey pot, soothing lavender vulva cream- $9.99

*the ordinary alpha arbutin+HA- $8.90 (also helps lighten the skin and increase collagen

production down there)

*coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, etc.- for all my DIY babies

Shaving: shaving is a personal preference but PLEASE be careful

*safety razors: there are a thousand options most starting at around- $25

my personal favorite is the eco roots safety razor (rose gold)- $32.50

SAFETY NOTE: do NOT press hard when using these you will cut yourself

*normal razor: the flamingo brand!- $9 (bundle of all products $16)

*flamingo shave cream- $5

*cremo shave gel- $5.99

*coconut oil- for all my DIY babies

Ingrowns: don't just try to pop them, it's not a zit.

*fur ingrown concentrate- $28

*flamingo ingrown spot treatment- $5

*tea tree oil- avg $8-12

*hot water and a blackhead tool- for all my DIY babies

Waxing: I never waxed myself, so really I have no help here

*ice after

*if you choose to shave between waxes make sure you're exfoliating and moisturizing so

you don't cause more pain next wax

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