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Let me just preface by saying please never believe me when I say I am going to start being more consistent. Every time I'm ready something happens to wreck me and then the laziness spiral kicks in. It's time to stop letting that be an excuse though. I have a million and one ideas and goals for how I want things to be and honestly, it's just so hard trying to figure out where to start.

I'm one of those people that loves to have a plan. Every detail all laid out and easy to follow. As all of us probably know, things rarely go according to plan. I've tried 'going with the flow' and let me tell you that is anxiety central right there. Super fun and light in theory but in actuality it kind of makes me want to die. So now we have a new plan, that only has some details. Just enough to start a pattern but not too much that it's overwhelming. We're learning how to find a balance, and that's what's important here! Learning and being willing to be better is progress, and all progress is celebrated around here.

As I'm writing this I'm sitting in an airport, about to board a flight home back to the real world. I've spent the past week with my family doing nothing but lounging in the pool, playing board games, and eating good food. Don't get me wrong it was absolutely AMAZING to sit and relax and feel no pressure to do anything other than exist, but it got boring. I realized that although I love and do mean love, a life of leisure, I like being busy too. The hustle of getting things done, the feeling of success when you reach a goal, the look of disgust on people who didn't believe in you. I know I know that the last one wasn't very nice, but sometimes life isn't nice. It isn't always 'love and light', sometimes it is 'hustle and spite'. You have to get up and get going regardless of who is offended or who doesn't believe in you. Baby, at the end of the day, there are no bunk beds in a casket. So, as you probably could've guessed, we're about to hustle and spite through life until we're winning and then some.

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